Management Team

An entrepreneur, Mr. Rajiv Mandani, holds an undergraduate degree in Commerce honors from Kolkata and has an extensive experience in strategic management, leadership, international business development and finance roles, having worked in the public sector, corporate and entrepreneurial environment. Hailing from a strong business background into export of leather goods, he has travelled the world and imbibed different values from across the globe.

He is extremely passionate towards creating health and wellness awareness in the community believing that being fit is not a luxury but a necessity. With an unwavering zest for excellence, rooted on performance, he is always looking to make a positive difference to the communities around him. Holding a lifelong zeal and quest to develop the youth enabling them to face the challenges of poverty and unemployment prevailing in the country, it is in this vision that he perceived the significance of skill development in India, how this can be a differentiating factor as far as a young job-seeker is concerned and its transformational impact on our society.

The learning process in our country emphasizes knowledge acquisition rather than application and behavioral skills. In the employment arena, on the other hand, such skills are extremely important for productivity and growth. With the growing awareness and the necessity of making youths job-ready amidst widening gap between industry expectations and the skills young job-seekers bring to the table, Mr. Mandani aims at skill development and vocational training as the most rational, viable and long term solution. His intent is to focus on structured and dedicated roll-out of skill development programs to ensure its industrial growth.

The success of a nation always depends on the success of its youth. His objective is to provide maximum contribution to our National Skill Mission chaired by the Hon’ble Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi himself; to make a large youth-based workforce the engines for economic growth, when India will evolve into a skilled society where there is prosperity and dignity for all.


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