Hope India

HOPE INDIA is a registered non-profitable Public Charitable Trust, which aims at educating every segment of the society and create a healthy environment in the community so that a viable social defence mechanism is created for fighting social menaces.


The genesis of the organisation has a goal to achieve and a mission to fulfill. The institute believes in a goal, which propounds that the duty of ‘Hope India’ lies in imparting true education to all men and women in our society. Work with underprivileged persons —street dwellers, street workers, sex workers, drug abusers, terminally ill, the mentally ill, people with disability, the urban and rural poor .Work with persons in need of counselling, medical, health, nutritional, educational, vocational and recreational facilities. As an outcome of that education they will themselves realize what is good or bad for them and will spontaneously eschew the latter. It will not be then necessary to pull down or setup anything in society by correction. Hope India is wholly and solely responsible for providing opportunities to those who are left out of the reach of education.

‘HOPE INDIA’’s approach to Education is to modify, enhance, and enrich the minds of its students through an environment which fosters creativity and reliance on his own capacities based on the skills imparted through quality training and cognitive approach.

The carefully balanced combination of Training methods, the pedagogy, the innovative approach to expose the trainees to their selected domain, and the experience of the faculties, adherence to stringent ethical standards, as well as the use of creative communication tools enhance ‘HOPE INDIA’'s capabilities to effectively turn out skilled people who become skilled professionals once they are exposed to the work environment, optimally satisfying the needs of their employers. ‘HOPE INDIA’ is one of the oldest leading Vocational Training Institute in West Bengal ,its is providing trainings to the disadvantage groups including economically backwards, youths of bengal ,BPL so that they may contribute their skills and talent for the development of the nation by earning their livelihood. As per the socio economic data of our country the major reason for poverty and unemployment in our country is the lack of education and skills which enables a persons to find a suitable job .Our Institute had engaged itself in imparting self employment trainings like General duty assistant, Nursing aids, bedside attendant, lab technician ,Beautician, Glass Painting, Zardousie and Ari work, Tailoring, Rakhi, Bindi making, Hand and Machine Embroidery, and all type of Handicrafts courses as well as technical courses like Computer hardware and software, electric house wiring ,mobile repairing, Photography, Catering, fashion Designing etc the duration of this courses varies. We pick students from the grass root level and develop their skill and talent. The Basic idea behind conducting these courses is to make optimum use of the space and equipments of the Organization to upgrade the technical’s skills of the youth. Our organization is committed to provide the Technical Expertise, know how of the tools and equipments, know how of the course curriculum, assessment of the trainees and NCVT Certification to the passed out candidates is awarded. This courses also content soft skill development and grooming of the students Professional appearance, client confidentially, consent and client records, insurance, safety check ad fire regulations, hygiene and infections, consultation cards, code of ethics, different types of business entities, Health & Safety At Work . Employing staff, stock control and selling skills, advertising, costing and security for marketing or to enhance their employment opportunities.


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