Aims & Objcetives

1. Ensuring the rights of the women and children
2. Ensuring quality of life for the most vulnerable section of society
3. Empowering women through social and economic development
4. Supporting local institutions working for underprivileged children and families by
providing technical assistance
5. To impart self sustaining education to the women and children of the community and to work for their empowerment.
6. To promote social and physical health of the community.
7. To work towards improvement of quality of life of the people within the communities by way of supporting income generation activities.

HOPE INDIA works around the Kolkata Metropolis Assistance to this population includes:
>> Non Formal Education
>> Supplementary Nutrition
>> Medical Check Up & Free Distribution of Medicines
>> Supply of educational materials, play materials, art & craft materials, school uniform
>> Cultural activities
>> Vocational training on art & craft, dance, drama, mime, music & puppetry
>> Physical exercise


The several support giving programmes which aims at making their lives better include: Prevention of Risk Behaviour: Preventing Risk Behavior in Street and Working Children by empowering them through Life Skill Education. The children are helped to enhance their coping abilities.


‘The objectives of this programme are manifold:

>> To prevent vulnerable children from practicing risk behaviours such as substance abuse and unsafe sex.
>> To provide Life Skill Education to the target population.
>> To promote healthily life style among the children.
>> To take care of the emotions of the childern


Trainees Skilled