Aids Awareness ‘Programme

The existence of commercial sex work is a fact and is a primary economic activity; likewise a huge segment indulges in it. The ones engaged in such profession are vulnerable and susceptible to the sexually transmitted disease and HIV infections. The incidence of affected and positive cases is on the rise, hence preventive and awareness programmes are necessary for the establishment of a disease free environment. Beside awareness generation campaigns, the best way to tackle this concerning phenomenon is to empower this vulnerable group so that they themselves can assume preventive measures.

Poverty, ignorance, stigma, discrimination, sexual violence and insecurity lead them to such vulnerability. In this context, felt the need of protection of the rights of the sex workers; maintenance of healthy lifestyle and access to proper information related to HIV/AIDS, health care services and other precautionary measures. The main thrust of the programme is on health related facilities and raising knowledge of the target group.

The objectives of this programme are manifold:

With a view to ensuring better sexual health and quality of life, has focused on few areas viz, Condom Distribution and Information, Education & Communication.

How you can Volunteer ?
Ex-British Prime Minister Winston Churchill once said – ‘You make a living by what you get, but you make a life by what you give.’ Ever stopped to wonder if its time to give back to society, but not been able to understand how?

The following are the broad heads under which you can volunteer at HOPES:
Teach computers to childern and staff.

Teach children indoor games like chess, caroms etc (with rules and regulations)
Teach arts, crafts, dance, singing, musical instruments and painting.
Help the organization in raising funds.
Volunteer in fund raising activities.
Celebrate Children’s day, Independence day etc with the children .
Help in finding sponsors for children’s education and sports facilities.
Make student’s portfolios and their success stories and convey the same to their donors and parents.
Take a pledge to educate one child or the teacher in computers on a consistent basis.
Help in browsing net and through your contacts the interested donors, funding agencies.
Organize for pre-vocational skills on a consistent basis.
Help in coordinating work of the volunteers.
Spreading awareness.
Investment advice.
Financial planning.
Internet research.
Meeting people.

We welcome interested volunteers to visit us to discuss how you can contribute to the development and well-being of our children. Based on the amount of time you would like to invest and your interests, we can work out a mutually beneficial synergy between you and Hope India, we believes that every human being is entitled to basic rights of of survival, protection and development. It is our duty to extend our gestures in whatever ways we can to better the lives of people who are suffering and need our help.


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